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Kathy Parker is a freelance journalist, writer, poet and spoken word performer based in the Limestone Coast of South Australia whose work has been widely published across national and international news platforms. She has performed both competitively and as feature poet for spoken word events around Australia and was recently commissioned by well-known Wagyu producer, Westholme, as script writer for their latest marketing campaign.   

Kathy’s work is raw, emotional and unapologetic, encompassing themes such as trauma, abuse, domestic violence, relationships, parenting, body image, self-worth, grief, love and healing. She writes from the heart of a survivor and seeks to bring awareness and understanding to mental health through her writing.

She is currently writing her first manuscript through the Allen & Unwin Faber Academy in 2022. 
You can keep up with Kathy's latest articles here, or read her latest newsletter here.


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